November 28, 2018 BCH Hardfork

Our way forward after the Bitcoin Cash hardfork

Past couple of weeks were absolutely disastrous for the businesses who use Bitcoin Cash for their day to day operations. As a business we were affected by the uncertainty and the negativity of the whole Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. We had to take a step back until the first ever Hash War is to be settled and observe the outcome. Now the Hash War is officially being called off we can start building again. But now we have another challenge. Which path should we choose?

Hash War Postmortem – How it affected us

We chose Bitcoin Cash as our only payment option because we believed in the vision of a global peer to peer money and we believed Bitcoin Cash is the best tool available for bringing economic freedom to the world. Unfortunately some people who were obsessive of adding unnecessary features to the Bitcoin Cash protocol managed to fracture the community and it’s growth. After months of debates and social media attacks, Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV, the main two sides of the drama managed to start the first ever Hash War for a public Blockchain and ended up splitting the network.

We believe this hash war affected a lot of businesses and the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem as a whole. We were using Bitpay as our payment processor and since the first day of the hardfork (15.11.2018) Bitpay has stopped accepting Bitcoin Cash payments. This is really bad for a business. We have zero sales nearly for two weeks now since Bitpay has not started accepting Bitcoin Cash payments yet. We could have moved to a different service, but we decided not to until this hash war is settled.

How we will move forward

Our store was built on top of a single cryptocurrency, what we believed the true Bitcoin, but now there are two versions of that. There cannot be two Bitcoins, we have to chose one. The one which will stay unchanged every few months. We cannot afford to splitting to dozens of coins if we want a single global peer to peer electronic cash. There can be only one. So again we have to make a choice and this should be the last time we have to make this choice.

Bitcoin Cash was known to be the closest version of Bitcoin invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. Clearly Bitcoin Cash has changed it’s course of being true to the Satoshi’s whitepaper and it has become an experimental developer playground. As a business we can’t trust a platform which is not stable and constantly changing. We need a stable platform which will scale and which we can build without the fear of having it changed every few months. The only platform who guaranteed to provide the stability we need now is Bitcoin SV, It’s goal is to create a stable platform for businesses and it is now the closet version of the original Bitcoin. So we made our peace and decided to continue with BitcoinSV.

Today onward you can start again shopping with us and we will accept only BitcoinSV for payments and we will continue our mission of helping the world to get adopted to the New Global Money!


BitcoinSV Accepted Here

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