October 28, 2018 Gifter.cash

Welcome to Gifter.cash

Welcome to Gifter.cash

First of all thank you for visiting our store. After few months of fooling around finally Gifter.cash is ready to offer you the best deals on your gifts for using Bitcoin Cash. Browse through the different categories and special promotions to find out the best deal waiting for you. We are adding more products everyday!

Our initial plan was to launch a store where you can customize the gifts yourselves before placing the orders. We faced some regulatory issues and pushed backwards. Therefore we had to take a different approach and now we are offering regular products with the lowest rates. Even though we took a diversion we are planning to approach our initial plan when the time is right. Until then you can browse through the available products and find the best gift for your loved ones or for yourself. Please keep in mind that we use drop shipping to deliver your products and we buy the products directly from the manufacturers and that’s how we are offering you the lowest rates and the best deals.

We are planning lots of surprises and lots of benefits to our customers. Some are already in place and lots of others will follow.

Some offers available right now:

  • Christmas Came Early – Prices up to 60% OFF
  • Daily Deal – A single product with a massive discount every day
  • $10 off Coupon – Spend a minimum of $100 and get a $10 discount.

Things we are planning to do:

  • Social media promotion. Win free gifts.
  • Revenue sharing with random customers each month.
  • Support charities like eatBCH.

We are not all about profits. We want Bitcoin Cash to be the dominant cryptocurrency as well as the main currency in the world. If we want that to happen we have to start using it as cash. Therefore we can create places where you can spend it as cash. That’s what we are doing with the hope of getting the support from the community. If you are reading this it means you are a part of the new global money. Please share the news about the store where you can buy Gifts with Bitcoin (BCH) and let’s get more people to spend Bitcoin.

If you have suggestions please feel free to send us an email to support@gifter.cash

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